Cook AustraliaTaylor Environmental prepared the WEMP for Cook Australia, a manufacturer of medical equipment including IVF needles, media and stents for blood vessel repair. Water efficiency in this manufacturing facility must account for stringent quality control. Without compromising medical sterility of the products, Taylor Environmental was able to assist Cook through:


  • Increases in efficiencies from better utilisation of plant;
  • Decreases in water consumption due to increased staff awareness;
  • A significant reduction in time for flushing of IVF products implemented in early 2007;
  • Changes in procedures including running RO units and sterilising equipment only when required;
  • Ceasing of watering of grounds and gardens; and
  • Upgrade program for taps, showers, toilets and urinals.

The result is a significant water saving of 48% per item produced, allowing production at the manufacturing facility to increase by over 80% while using a total of 6.5% less water annually.